What’s TOEIC


TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication and is an internationally recognised test to assess the English communication abilities of non-native English speakers. This test has been conducted in more than 90 countries around the world and the total number of examinees a year is approximately five million. For companies, particularly in Asian countries, the TOEIC score can largely affect promotions and employment within the company. The test result is not described as pass/fail but scaled from 10 to 990. With this precise assessment, the reliability and consistency of this test have been highly recognised so that TOEIC is used as one of the world standards to judge the English level of a non native English speaker.

What’s Public TOEIC Centre?

MIT Institute is registered as a TOEIC Public Test Centre. Even if the name says Public, the institute can, in fact, provide the two types of test, Public and Institutional. The dates of public tests are specifically arranged by the TOEIC test organisation, so external students are allowed to take the test at the institution conducting the test, whereas the Institutional test has no specific test dates arranged by the organization, but by the institute itself, so only internal students can take the test. MIT Institute is a TOEIC Public Test Centre, so external students are welcome to take the test at our institute on a specific date. Because we are a Public Test Centre, an official certificate issued by ETS is provided with the test results for each examinee.

Where is the TOEIC test centre?

The name of the test centre is “MIT Institute” and the address is “Level 9, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000”.
Please note that the test centre does not have any parking facilities but street parking is available in the CBD and it is easily reached by bus or by train.

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Why is MIT Institute the most popular Test Centre?
Convenience and Accessibility

MIT Institute is located in the heart of Sydney, 1 min walk from Town Hall Station on Pitt St, one of the largest and most centrally located subway stations in Sydney. It is very easy for candidates to make their way to our test centre.

Test Standard

The test time at our centre is different to other centres. We start our tests at 6pm, and this will provide better and suitable opportunities for students and businesspeople to take a Public TOEIC test.


Applicants usually receive the results for the TOEIC test within two weeks; however, at our institution the results almost always arrive much earlier. Because the results come so quickly it is very popular for business people, students looking for a better job and applicants for university or vocational schools.

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When is the Public TOEIC test happening?

TOEIC Public Test Schedule (Friday, 6:00 pm to 8:45 pm, including orientation)

Public Test Date Applications closed (No more places available)
11.Dec.2020 Closed
15.Jan.2021 Closed
12.Feb.2021 Closed
12.Mar.2021 Closed
9.Apr.2021 Closed
7.May.2021 Closed
4.Jun.2021 Closed
2.Jul.2021 Closed
30.Jul.2021 Closed
20.Aug.2021 Closed
17.Sep.2021 Closed
15.Oct.2021 Closed
12.Nov.2021 Closed
10.Dec.2021 Closed

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How much is the Public TOEIC test?
Fee for TOEIC Public test
The Official Score Certificate ONLY AUD 180
Includes the following
・Fees for a TOEIC Public Test
・Official Score Certificate with photo
The Official Score Certificate and Certificate of Achievement AUD 210
Includes the following
・Fees for a TOEIC Public Test
・Official Score Certificate with photo
・Certificate of Achievement

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Terms and conditions

MIT Institute (hereinafter referred to as [We]) has policy and procedure in place to administer and operate TOEIC tests, and Candidates (hereinafter referred to as [You]) must follow our terms, conditions and regulations.

Payment, Cancellation, and Refund policy

Payment of fees is required before enrolment and acceptance into the exam and enrolment is subject to acceptance of our terms, conditions and regulations. All fees are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST. Your enrolment is accepted when the test fee has been paid and confirmed, and cancellations or changes in test dates must be made before your test booking is confirmed. No refunds will be given for cancellations once confirmed and refunds are not available at anytime.

Admission Policy

You must:

  • show your passport on the test day and provide a passport sized photograph,
  • bring your own pencils and erasers (pens are NOT acceptable), and
  • read the TOEIC handbook before testing and follow the rules, regulations and procedures on the test day.

*The administrator/proctor/examiner’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Collection of personal information

The collection of personal information is necessary to change or delete contact information. We only collect personal information which is necessary.

Use of personal information

Personal information will be used within the purpose of our operations. We will not disclose information to any third party without your consent unless required to by law.

Protection of personal information

We take measures to prevent the tampering with or leakage of your personal information from unauthorized access or data loss.

Disclosure personal information

When processing personal data, appropriate management will be implemented, and information will not be disclosed or offered to third parties.

Purpose of usage of personal information

We collect your personal information for the following purposes:

  • For the implementation of contracts
  • For Company Product Information
  • For the Contact Us and Request Procedure
  • For arranging appointments for counseling
  • For Provisional applications
  • To provide e-mail and mail handling services
  • To conduct market research

We guarantee that we will not use personal information for reasons other than those listed above, and without your consent, personal information will not be transferred to, or used by third parties.

Cancellation of personal information

All information from clients will be disposed of permanently when it has been processed.

Other information

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If you have any problems

Please contact the following email addresses if you have any problems organising a test:

More information:
See Public testing centre web page