We have developed a successful range of Special Focus Module classes that work in tandem with the student’s core class to facilitate a strategic approach to improving English language skills.

All the students will have one hour a day of Special Focus Modules. This means you can choose a special focus to help you learn in the area of English where you need the most help. Special Focus Modules include: conversation, current affair discussion groups, listening, reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and so on. However, the Special Focus Modules we run when you are studying will be dependent on demand. In this class, you will have a new topic appropriate to your level and your teacher will sometimes change for this last hour. You will have the opportunity to do each of the modules at least once every two weeks.

Key Features
  • 1. Students will be exposed to a different Focus Module every day or two in order to provide the greatest possible grounding in each particular skill.

  • 2. Each one-hour class provides a fun way for students to socialise with their classmates in a supportive atmosphere without the constraints of the syllabus in order to broaden their contact with the most amount of English learning possible.

  • 3. The flexibility of our classes and teaches combined with the wide range of different topics and modules allows all our students to quickly and effectively improve the skills which are most important to their needs.

  • 4. The particular modules taught at the time of study are dependant on availability and demand, but there will be enough modules for a full rotation at least once a week.

  • 5. Students will have the chance to learn with different teachers and experience different accents and teaching styles during the special focus modules as the teacher will usually be different from the teacher you have during regular classes.


The range of classes

Popular Module
Critical Thinking & Communication (TED Talks)
This class is also available at both higher and lower levels. It is an opportunity to improve your listening skills and have the opportunity to use English for communication and critical thinking. This class will allow students to discuss and hear about interesting and current topics, not always covered in the regular syllabus by learning vocabulary and hearing the latest great thinkers discuss issues and provoke thought and discussion. This class is an excellent way to use English in a way that can be natural and relevant.

Other Modules
Speaking & Conversation Module

This class provides students with a great opportunity to practice and improve their English speaking skills. With an emphasis on fluency and using natural English phrases, expressions and idioms students will communicate with their peers from a range of nationalities, backgrounds and skill level. A wonderful chance to question and answer, discuss a topic and maybe make a new friend or two

Pronunciation Module

Identifying pronunciation problems due to regional and second-language traits and the repeated practicing of key sounds is the primary focus of this class. Students will learn a range of techniques and positive habits to allow them to improve their pronunciation skills which, in turn, will facilitate improved speaking and communication skills.

Lower Grammar & Vocabulary

A popular class with our new and lower-levelled English students, this class aims to provide students with the foundations in English grammar and to help them build a framework of English vocabulary. With an emphasis on basic skills and common natural English the lower-level students who take this class will gain the ability to reproduce functional English in day-to-day situations.

Upper Grammar & Vocabulary

Specially designed for higher level English students who already have a fundamental grasp of the basics of grammar, this class provides the necessary tuition and practice for students to take their skills to the next level. With a focus on more academic grammar skills this is the perfect class for students to challenge themselves and achieve their fullest English potential.

Songs & Listening

This class is available at both higher and lower levels. It is an opportunity to improve your listening skills while enjoying some music. Here, students can learn, improve on and discuss new vocabulary as well as getting an ear for the rhythm of English. This class will improve how you hear and how you speak by not only focussing on vocabulary but on connected speech and how sounds join together.