Online Learning at MIT Institute

Blended learning at MIT Institute ensures all students receive high quality education while remaining safe and protected from COVID-19. All classes will have face to face classes for two days and join online classes on remaining days of the week.


Each student will be emailed a link to join their online class by their teacher Our online learning curriculum promises student a positive and beneficial learning experience. We ensure this by facilitating direct conversation and creating a classroom atmosphere from the safety and comfort of their own homes. All students and staff are required to observe appropriate netiquette to deliver the same high standard of learning online as would be conducted face to face.

Students who have not had the chance to collect textbooks from campus will be emailed all required materials by their teacher. Please note that online learning schedules can vary for each class.

What is netiquette?


The word ‘netiquette’ is short for ‘internet etiquette’, and it describes the correct and acceptable way of behaving and conducting ourselves online. It has become more important than ever to refresh ourselves on appropriate netiquette during the current pandemic.

1. General Netiquette

In order to effectively communicate with your classmates and teachers online, you should:

  • Keep your camera on.
  • Keep your microphone off unless you wish to speak.
  • Stay off your phone and unrelated websites.
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi connection is stable.


2. Video calls and webcams

Treat online discussions as if they were being held face to face. You should:

  • Be polite and avoid swearing or insensitive language.
  • Be patient and avoid talking over each other.
  • Be aware of cultural differences.


3. Online chatting

Online classes can involve communicating via chat. When conversing with fellow students and teachers in a chatroom, you should:

  • Try and keep your messages short and to the point.
  • Avoid overusing CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Double check your messages.
  • Read what has already been said.


Student Portal

The MIT Student Portal is a valuable tool designed for our students to check their attendance, track their absences and confirm important enrolment details.
The Student Portal is available for all current students to access on their phone, tablet or laptop. Students can use the portal to:

  • Check their attendance in real-time
  • Check their class and enrolment details
  • Receive direct messages from staff
  • Update their contact details


Students will receive details on how to register for the student portal during their orientation. Please note that access to the student portal will be denied once a student’s course has completed at MIT Institute.