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*This course is CRICOS registered. (CRICOS Course Code: 0100126)

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What’s OET?

It’s an English test for healthcare professionals to work or study in healthcare in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai, Singapore or Namibia.

Yes! It’s officially recognised by
  • Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)
  • Many Universities, Education and Recruitment
And so many other authorities and organisations in other countries.
OET Test Format
Listening3 parts / 45 minutes
Reading3 parts / 60 minutes
Writing1 task / 45 minutes
Speaking9 assessment criteria

- Important! -
Please note that OET is an English test to assess the applicant’s English ability but not their medical knowledge!

What skills are needed for
healthcare professionals now?

The healthcare industry is changing and progressing rapidly.
Accordingly, the professionals need to update their communication skills with its change.

Healthcare professionals are required to have great skills at gathering information to understand what their patients need, as the industry moves towards patient-centred care.

Healthcare professionals and patients travel all over the world to provide or receive a better care, so wherever they go, they should be used to a wide range of English accents.

Technology has been developed so rapidly that that healthcare professionals may need to increase their communication skills with the same speed, especially communicating with peers and patients in and out of the workplace.

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About Our
OET Preparation Course


Our OET is designed to enhance students’ communication skills so that they can better participate in an English-language environment within a healthcare setting. The course also prepares students to undertake the OET test with confidence.

Develop your skills, grammar and vocabulary

The course aims to develop students’ skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Thus, each day focuses on one skill. Additionally, students study grammar allowing them to gain a better understanding of the use of certain structures. Students also have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary.

Testing and individual student feedback

Students will regularly do mini-tests and complete a full test every 6 weeks. Students will also receive feedback on their progress and be given advice on areas in which they need to work on.

Our course has been built and developed by a team of experienced English teachers in association with the training provided by Cambridge Assessment English.

To make the curriculum unique and effective, our team has met the experts of OET by participating in the events as follows,
  • OET Roadshow
  • OET Stakeholder Information Sessions
  • NEAS Conference
  • English Australia Conference
  • Meeting with Cambridge Assessment English

Course Information

Start date:
Monday to Friday, 4:30-8:45 (4 hours a day, 20 contact hours a week)
Course Length:
6 weeks block *maximum 12 weeks (This includes mock test and individual feedback.)
*This course is CRICOS registered, so international students can have student visa with this course
(CRICOS Course Code: 0100126)
Course Cost:
Enrolment: $200 (one off)
Material: $10 per week
Tuition: $350 per week
>>> Please contact us for current special offer.
English Requirement:

IELTS 6.5 or equivalent,

The student must either;
  • have successfully completed General English upper-intermediate or Cambridge FCE at MIT or another NEAS accredited English language college;
  • provide certificates showing courses/levels completed; or
  • provide a statement of results showing IELTS 6.5 overall.
If a student’s level cannot be determined from previous English language study, then that student will need to sit a placement test.
Level 9, 280 Pitt St., Sydney NSW 2000

Sample Timetable

Week 1 – Healthy Eating
16:30-18:30Reading: practise skimming and scanning; matchingListening: practise listening for detail; note completionSpeaking: practise asking questionsWriting: practise verb tenses Vocabulary: learn and practise using vocabulary relating to food allergies
18:30-18:4515 minutes break15 minutes break15 minutes break15 minutes break15 minutes break
18:45-20:45Reading: practise skimming and scanning; short answer questionsListening: practise listening for main ideas; multiple-choice questionsSpeaking: practise doing a role-playWriting: write a letterMini test: timed listening and reading practice
*This is a sample only. The contents may be subject to change.

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About Our School

MIT Institute is located in the heart of Sydney, CBD area and is just 2 minutes away from Town Hall Station.

Established in 2006, MIT Institute provides a modern education experience, employing proven methods of teaching to ensure students obtain the best possible outcomes from their efforts. Our mission is to help people reach their maximum potential as language learners. We aim to do this by providing a wide variety of courses and study options that take into account the students’ previous language learning experiences, students’ own cultures and we also concentrate on the students’ future plans. Students' progress is carefully monitored so that they receive all the support they need.

Contact Info

MIT Institute (CRICOS 02778M)
Tel: +61 (0)2 9267 5777
Address: Level 7&9 / 280 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW Australia 2000

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