1. Students can apply directly online, in person at reception or via an agent. Student needs to fill in a “Student Application Form” and sign it upon reading “MIT Institute Information”, which means he/she agrees with all the conditions in this Agreement.
  2. When student applies for a sequence of courses, student may need to submit English test results or may need to take the college’s pre-test before starting the next course.
  3. For EAP & IELTS Preparation course entry, Director of Studies ensures that the student meets the minimum level of English requirement before issuing a “ Letter of Offer”.
  4. When evidence cannot be presented in 3, student needs to take a test upon arrival and if it shows inadequate English level, student is placed in a class of an appropriate level of General English or Callan Method.
  5. Student receives a letter of offer and an invoice if the student application is successful within 2 working days upon receipt of the application form.
  6. The Declaration form is to be signed by MIT Institute staff or representative. Upon which there will be a binding agreement between student and MIT Institute. A copy of this signed application form will be sent to you within 2 working days upon receipt of this form by the college.
  7. Student pays first payment according to TPS regulations. This will include tuition fees plus the Overseas Student health Cover. Fees must be in Australian dollars and can be paid by cash, by bank cheque or travellers’ cheque, direct deposit, or credit card (Master or Visa), or EFTPOS. 3% handling fee is required for credit card or EFTPOS payment. Bank charges are paid by students.
  8. Bank Account Name MIT Institute Pty Ltd Trust Account
    Bank Name National Australia Bank
    Branch 130 Pitt Street Branch
    Branch address 130 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
    BSB(Branch Number) 082001
    Account Number 561462934
    Swift Code NATAAU3303M

  9. Student receives a “Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)” directly or via an agent within 2 working days upon receipt of initial payment to the college. The CoE issued needs to reflect the course duration.
  10. Student submits the “CoE” with his/her visa application to an Australian embassy or consulate.

Information & Application