Before arriving in Australia you need to choose the place you are going to live. There are many options, homestay, hostels/backpackers, share accommodation, houses and units to rent, and hotels and motels. Your choice will depend on your financial situation, your interests, level of independence and lifestyle.
When you first arrive, you may wish to stay in a hostel/backpacker while you are looking for a more permanent place to live.

Understanding each option is the first step to finding the right place for you. Here is a simple guide.

Homestay is accommodation whereby you actually live with an Australian family in their home. Homestay can be a great experience for those who wish to better understand the culture and day-to-day life of an ‘Aussie’ family. Another advantage is that your English will improve much faster as you will have to communicate with the family.

Backpackers/hostels are a cheaper form of accommodation when not staying for long periods. They are more suitable for travellers who are just staying a few days in the country. Rooms and bathrooms are usually shared in a communal fashion along with kitchen and other facilities.

Share accommodation is accommodation in which you share an apartment or a house with others, called ‘flatmates’. The people you share with will not necessary be Australian. This type of accommodation is easy to find and is very common among travellers. There are many websites which advertise share accommodation. You can rent a room for yourself in a house where people are already living or share a room with someone else. The price of the rent will vary depending on the location.

Houses and units are available for rent throughout Sydney. There are many real estate agencies which can assist you in finding the right one for you. It is important to look at the proximity of the place to your college, as you will need to travel to school everyday.

Motels and hotels vary greatly in price depending on the facilities, location and star rating. They are usually used by holiday makers who are not staying for lengthy periods in a country.


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