About Us

Established in 2006, with our over ten-year experience in providing English to students from all over the globe, we are perfectly suited to make your studying experience memorable and enjoyable.

We aim to do this by providing a variety of courses and study options in accordance with the students’ previous language learning experiences, students’ own cultures and we also concentrate on the students’ future plans.
MIT Institute hopes to take the first and most important step with you!


At MIT Institute we know that learning English is a journey best taken in small steps. Challenges, fun and a sense of satisfaction are commonly found in our classrooms and it would be our pleasure in helping you navigate your way forward in the English-speaking world.

  1. Study Options
  2. ・ General English
    ・ Open Cambridge FCE
    ・ IELTS Preparation
  1. Special Focus Modules
  2. ・ TED Talks
    ・ Speaking & Conversation Module
    ・ Pronunciation Module
    ・ Lower Grammar & Vocabulary
    ・ Upper Grammar & Vocabulary
    ・ Songs & Listening

On their very first day with us, it will be required a placement test to better identify their English level and place them in the classroom.
Our friendly staff will also be there in case they need any assistance in their own language.

  1. Orientation Day
  2. ・ Welcome and placement test

Learning English is all about fun and learn. We provide an enjoyable learning environment

  1. School Integration
  2. ・ Engaging activities and active learning

Students’ progress is carefully monitored so that they receive all the support they need

  1. Progress Monitoring
  2. ・ Weekly Test – to ensure the student’s progress is improving accordingly
    ・ Mid-cycle Test – to monitor the student’s development of all skills of the English language
    ・ Advising – Understanding the student’s needs and difficulties and overtake them step by step together with your teacher

Every 5 weeks, our students have a term test and an excursion.
Relaxing after a term test is always welcome for students and they deserve it!

  1. Excusion
  2. ・ Excursions includes famous tourist attractions

MIT Institute provides a modern education experience, employing proven methods of teaching to ensure students obtain the best possible outcomes from their efforts.
Our mission is to help people reach their maximum potential as language learners.

  1. Methodology
  2. ・ Student-centred
    ・ Communicative Language Teaching
    ・ Task-based Learning
  1. English Only Policy
  2. ・ The students are not allowed to speak any other languages but English in the classroom
    ・ We encourage ou students to practice their skills at all times

Pride in our teaching team, friendly staff members, dynamic learning atmosphere and interesting course ensures that you will definitely find studying at MIT Institute meets your expectations and leads you to an exciting future.

  1. Experienced Teachers
  2. ・ Native Speaker
    ・ Experienced, qualified and skilled Teachers